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shopping guide

About delivery and shipping  



We will deliver it by Sagawa Express.



▼ Hokkaido
1,210 yen (tax included)
▼ North Tohoku
880 yen (tax included)
▼ South Tohoku, Kanto, Shinetsu, Tokai, Hokuriku
770 yen (tax included)
▼ Kansai
880 yen (tax included)
▼ China
990 yen (tax included)

▼ Shikoku
1,100 yen (tax included)

▼ Kyushu
1,210 yen (tax included)

▼ Okinawa

1,914 yen (tax included)


* For remote islands, additional shipping charges may apply for remote islands and some areas, so please contact us.
※Overseas shipping is we do not do.




About payment method


In case of bank transfer (prepayment)

● Luggage will be shipped after payment is confirmed (within 7 days).
● Customers are responsible for the transfer fee.
● Please handle the transfer by wire transfer.



Credit settlement

● You can choose the credit card that can be used for payment from VISA, Master, AMEX, ShopPay, ApplePay, and GooglePay.
(Both are only one-time payments)
● When you enter or send your credit card number, it will be encrypted (SSL) so you can use your credit card safely.


Cash on delivery payment

The additional charge for cash on delivery is 265 yen (added to the basic charge and fare).
● After ordering, the shop will notify you of the total payment amount by email.
● Please pay the price to the delivery person when you receive the delivered item.

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